About Jeffrey Paul

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Paul.  I am the founder of Jeffrey Paul Academy, Jeffrey Paul Restoring Beautiful Hair Salon, and Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides custom-made Hair Replacement Systems at no cost to children losing their hair due to medical reasons.  I am also author of Women’s Hair Solutions to Thinning and Loss (for consumers) and Solutions to Women’s Hair Thinning and Loss (for professionals).  I have been blessed with working in the hair industry for over 30 years, and I still feel like I am living my dream.

My Story

My career has been a journey of beauty for over 30 years from training in Italy, doing hair for magazine and runway models, to helping celebrities such as the President of the United States and TV personalities with the hair and beauty needs. I had a successful thriving business, enjoying the process of helping people look and feel beautiful. But something happened in my career one day that changed everything for me, both personally and professionally.

My niece came into in my beautiful, thriving Salon and said the words that changed my whole career and life forever…

“Uncle Jeff, don’t let me lose my hair.”

That event, combined with the circumstances to follow with my mother and sister battling cancer, caused my personal and professional journey to shift focus.  At that point, I became determined to use my talents to help individuals who are impacted by “bad hair days” caused from natural or medical-related issues that cause hair thinning and loss.

My mission is simple.

I want to help restore beauty inside and out, so that people can live their lives looking themselves with total confidence.  This new Mission has taken me around the world and has allowed me to buid incredible relationships with some of the best, most renowned experts and professionals in the Total Approach to Restoring Beauty Inside and Out.  With the advancements of technology in today’s age, my goal and objective with the Jeffrey Paul Academy is to Teach, Inspire, Motivate, and Empower women and children to feel beautiful inside and out with my demonstrations of beauty tips, health and wellness information, and inspirations, especially when a “bad hair day” or life or life in general is trying to get the best of you.

Please continue reading below to learn a little more about me.

Remember…  Beauty & Change begin within,
~Jeffrey Paul


Magazine Appearances

I have been featured in the following articles:

  • THIC
  • National Hairloss Journal
  • Modern Salon Magazine
  • Launch Pad
  • Salon Today
  • First Chair
  • Dr. Oz


Media Appearances

I have been featured on the following:

  • ABC
  • FOX
  • CNN
  • CBS
  • QVC


My Business Relations

I have served as a consultant to the leading hair replacement manufacturers around the world as a product developer, educator and platform artist, including the following:

  • Adreian of Japan
  • Cesar Ragazzi of Italy
  • International Hair Goods
  • Follea International
  • American Hairlines
  • On Rite
  • New Concepts
  • General Wig
  • New Choice
  • Medical Hair Restoration
  • Tressallure
  • Roffler Franchises
  • New Image
  • Jon Renau
  • Virtual Reality
  • Versachi


My Biography

I wear many hats in my professional life.  As an entrepreneur, author, hair replacement specialist, motivational speaker, and educator, this calling has been, mildly stated, very fulfilling.  Before becoming an expert in the area of Hair Restoration, I served as a stylist and beauty consultant.


I currently own and operate Jeffrey Paul Restoring Beautiful Hair Salon near Cleveland, Ohio.  Here I have team of experts who work daily to help individuals look and feel more confident.  I am also founder of Wigs for Kids, a non-profit organization that provides custom-made hair replacement systems at no cost to children losing their hair due to medical reasons.

As mentioned previously, I have authored two books, Women’s Hair Solutions to Thinning and Loss (for consumers) and Solutions to Women’s Hair Thinning and Loss (for professionals).


I continue to work with individual clients and their hair replacement needs.  I not only conduct research in this field for the latest, most innovative techniques, but I also help design hair replacement systems and product lines to help offer the very best to the clients who place their trust in my abilities.

It is my mission and desire to share my expertise via online training, seminars, hands-on workshops, etc.  I am dedicated to my clients – both consumer and professional – through my teachings of inner beauty and hair restoration.


My Family

I have been married to my wife, Zina, for over 35 years.  I am also a proud father of three wonderful sons, Emmanuel, Joshua, and Caleb, and daughter-in-law, April, who blessed us with our two beautiful granddaughters.  It is through my family and our shared commitment to God that we draw inspiration to continue to teach, inspire, motivate, and empower my clients to overcome physical, mental, and spiritual challenges, allowing them the ability to discover their true inner and outer beauty.

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In my free time, I enjoy riding bikes through beautiful trails for inspiration and exercise to remain youthful in body, mind, soul and Spirit.