Enjoy a Complimentary Tour of the Jeffrey Paul Academy

Are clients asking you for more information on how you can help with their hair thinning and loss? Are you looking for a more trusted source of information to learn and grow your business? Now’s your chance!

I’d love to offer you a Complimentary Tour of the Jeffrey Paul Academy where you can experience the online resources and hands-on training through my continuing education program. On my Academy site, you will learn Technical training, Marketing skills, Consulting and Sales, as well as Business and Operation development! Cruise below and enjoy a sample of each different pillar of education taken right from my tutorial library.  See the value for yourself!

Our Jeffrey Paul Academy for Hair Thinning & Loss will host its Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar on April 9-11 in Cleveland, Ohio.  Enrollment is now open! From Hands-On Boot Camp Seminars to live stream training sessions to interviews with experts across the globe, we have an exciting 2017 in the works! We also have updated online resources to help keep you current in this field.  Click on this link to learn more about what is included in the Hands-On Boot Camp!

Without further ado, begin your Complimentary Tour here to see a sampling of what we offer in our online Academy. I hope you will consider joining me as I walk you through the necessary steps to adding Hair Replacement to your Business!

Technical Training

Consultation & Sales


Business Operations

Continuing Education

Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,
-Jeffrey Paul