How to Tackle Your Hair Loss: Part 1

Finding Solutions

When running a successful Hair Replacement business, you have to be able to educate your clients.  Here is another example of how we communicate with our audience. We would love to help you learn to develop this type of relationship with your clients as well!

Treating your hair loss starts at home. The products you use at home will change. The way you take care of your hair and even the manner in which you do many standard things in your life will change to accommodate the needs of your hair. I want you to begin to chart your course of treatment and monitor your needs in order to have the most effective outcome.

About a week before clients come in to see us at the Jeffrey Paul Salon, we have them gather and count the hair that falls out during that week. When they come in, we conduct an analysis using a microscopic video monitoring of their scalp, the follicles, the openings where hair emerges from the scalp, and other factors, in order to measure and put a value on the stage of their loss so that they can understand the steps they will need to take to alter the situation. If they collect hair they’ve lost and put it in a clear plastic baggie, daily, for a week, they can see at a glance whether they are losing more or less hair as time goes on.

Understanding what has actually happened that brought about some of these issues is important before beginning the next steps of tackling your hair loss. In part two, I will discuss the next steps to consider when evaluating your clients’ specific hair loss with Trichology, so please stay tuned.

Remember…  Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul

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