Camouflaging Thinning Hair

Feel Confident with this Quick Tip

When running a successful Hair Replacement business, you have to be able to educate your clients.  Here is another example of how we communicate with our audience. We would love to help you learn to develop this type of relationship with your clients as well!

Spring is the perfect time to learn how camouflaging your thinning hair can work for you. I understand that it can be difficult to hide a bare scalp, especially during the spring months when the weather turns nice and we’re no longer wearing heavy clothing or hats. My camouflaging trick will keep you feeling confident and gorgeous, just like a spring flower!

Now, there are a few barriers when covering up.  Most of us are running around on a daily basis, our bodies sweat, and with the spring season comes rain. These factors can make it difficult to hide hair loss or thinning. Some camouflage makeups run-off in these instances, but unlike those other products, the physician-developed makeup I suggest using actually seals in place, allowing you to go about your day without any worry and help you continue looking beautiful on the inside and out!

Remember…Beauty & Change Begin Within,

– Jeffrey Paul

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