Assessing Women’s Hair Thinning & Loss

Consultation Part 1: Pattern & Diffusion

Today we are talking about one of the most important elements when caring for our clients – Consultations.  This is a critical component of caring for our clients to determine your plan of action.  Noting the Pattern and Diffusion is one of the first areas you should address.


By assessing the situation, you can better figure our your client’s goal, make the necessary plan, and achieve success, enriching your client’s experience and life!


Consultation Part 1 – Pattern & Diffusion

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In this episode, you’ll discover the following:

  • The difference between Pattern and Diffusion
  • How to determine the Pattern Stage
  • How to evaluate the Diffusion



In this week’s training, we used the following resource:

Video Notes: Consultation Part 1 – Pattern & Diffusion

Book: Solutions to Women’s Hair Thinning & Loss by Jeffrey Paul, pages 28-31


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    • I so much appreciate your comments Rozetta. I plan on evolving the Blog to build upon the things that help build and inspire my subscribers. Watch for next week’s for Part 2 in the Consultation – a woman’s hair loss assessment. I will look forward to your future comments and want to hear about your success to be able to tell others about them. jp