What Needs to Change in Your Hair Thinning & Loss Business?

Hair Thinning & Loss Business

We’ve all had those moments in our career when we know something needs to change. Maybe you want to grow your clientele or build your skill set. If you’re like many of our students, you also know that you want to change lives through your Hair Thinning & Loss Business.

But being a hairstylist is different from being a Hair Thinning and Loss Expert. And building a Hair Thinning and Loss Business is much different than working at someone else’s salon. 

That’s why we’re hosting a FREE Webinar on February 26th. Hair Loss University founder Jeffrey Paul has over 30 years experience building a thriving Hair Thinning & Loss Business. He still spends time weekly behind the chair and in consultations transforming the lives of his clients by helping them feel like themselves again. During this Webinar, Jeffrey’s will step you through a Roadmap of how to build your hair thinning and loss business in an intentional (and profitable!) way. You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity!

What She’s Thinking When She Enters Your Salon

In this video, Jeffrey Paul is talking to two amazing women who are ready to have a hair transformation. They have some great insight into what your client is thinking and feeling when she enters the salon.

As you work to build your Hair Thinning & Loss Business, understanding how to support your client through this difficult time will ensure she visits your salon over and over again. We want to hear: What challenges have you experienced during your initial appointment with a client?

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