Best of 2017: #10 Hair Loss and Thyroid Disorder – What You Need to Know

Linsey finds a solution to get her hair AND her life back.

Thyroid Disorders Hair Loss

Welcome to our Best of 2017: Jeffrey Paul Academy series! Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be looking back at some of your favorite posts of the year and giving you a sneak peek at what we have in coming up in 2018!

So many of our readers connected with Linsey’s story. It is true that when women look good, they feel wonderful as well.

We want to hear from you: How have you been able to help women with thyroid disorders this year? Send us your stories and pictures–we’re always looking for great stories to share with our community!

Remember…Beauty & Change Begin Within!

Thyroid Disorder Hair Loss
In today’s episode…

Do You Have Clients Experiencing Hair Loss
Due to a Thyroid Disorder?

 You Are Not Alone!

Meet Linsey…

She got more than her hair back…she got her life back as well.

After being diagnosed with Grave’s Disease and suffering the side effects of this thyroid disorder and the medications associated with it, Linsey decided to seek help for her thinning hair. Too much of her life had been spent hiding and covering up, and she vimeo-212615712-1was ready to live her life again. After spending time with Hair & Scalp Specialists, a plan was put into place to help repair her  beauty – both on the inside and out.

When taking care of your clients who are experiencing hair thinning or loss due to medical conditions, every step is essential to ensure success. From the Consultation to determine the best solution for Linsey to the Design & Mold session, a personal blueprint was created specifically to meet her needs. To determine the best custom design solution for your clients, you must consider their lifestyle, coverage needs, and maintenance requirements. These necessary conversations will help determine the best attachment method for your clients, giving their hair systems the ability to allow her to live her life without compromise! Watch Linsey’s story…

In this episode, you’ll discover the following:

  • The effects of thyroid disorders on your clients’ hair
  • The trauma hair thinning and loss can cause to your clients’ self-esteem
  • The steps involved in finding the perfect solution to Linsey’s hair thinning and loss
  • How Linsey’s life has changed after receiving her new hair system

What is a “thyroid disorder”?

Thyroid disorders are fairly common. Located in the front, lower area of the neck, the hormones that are produced by this gland affects almost every part of your body – everything from your heart to your brain, to your muscles to yes, even your hair. According to Dr. Robert DeMaria, otherwise known as Dr. Bob – the Drugless Doctor, a “main cause of hair loss among women is subpar or low thyroid function.” Other common symptoms of low thyroid function include cold hands and feet, yellow teeth, widely spaced teeth, depression, morning headaches, among other issues as well.

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