Kristin’s Solution to Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss

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We would like you to meet Kristin. As a survivor of Stage 1 breast cancer, she is a fighter! In the midst of her battle, she lost her thick, blonde, beautiful hair to chemotherapy. She felt as if she had lost control of not only her body but also her her hair. For Kristin, even though she knew that hair didn’t define who she was, losing her hair was overwhelming, and she wanted to find a solution that would work for her.

Listen to Kristin’s story about gaining her self-esteem back with the help of our Hair Restoration Specialists.

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One thought on “Kristin’s Solution to Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss

  1. My wife Tena was diagnosed in 2010 with Stage 2 breast cancer, and I feel such inspiration with Kristin’s story, I remember vividly how my heart ache to support Tena and how hard I tried to inspire her and comfort her. When the realization came she was going to lose her hair, there were many days of sorrow and pain knowing it was evident it was falling out. Finally the day came I had to shave her head, it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I remarked, “You know I think I’d rather have been caught in a lie than to do what I had to do. I reassured Tena it was her taking control of the cancer and deciding to take action before it had the chance to steal her dignity. We cried together, we struggled together and we overcame together. For all women suffering with the journey of cancer, there has to be a silent victim who may not be going through the cancer but stands as the supporter in the silent shadows of cancer. I donate my time to anyone who is walking the journey of cancer now, for God saw to it I was blessed to still have my wife with me. I share my talents to reward any lady needing a wig cut and styled to give her back dignity, free to affirm my walk with them still standing in the silent shadows supporting, praying, and caring that life is too important to give up, we stand together for all who battle this terrible disease, In His Grip,