Restoring Hair Loss with Laser Therapy

Meet Carlos Pina, CEO of Capillus

In this episode of Hair Loss Solutions TV™, you will discover the following:

  • How Capillus laser therapy works
  • The different Capillus lasers available
  • The integral role Stylists play in helping those with hair thinning and loss

Carlos Pina, CEO and Managing Director of Capillus, LLC, talks to us about laser light therapy and the new advances taking place to help restore thinning hair. From being a hair loss patient himself to now serving as the CEO of Capillus, Pina has an invested passion and desire to help those battling hair thinning and loss. Serving both men and women, he and his company strive to bring the latest in hair loss treatment to their clients.

As you’ll see in the video above, time is of the essence when discovering hair loss, and the first line of defense starts in the salon. From there, there are many options available, and lasers light therapy is a viable solution to reverse the miniaturization process.

Tour of the Capillus Facilities

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