[Salon Makeover Series] Meet Roszetta

On a Mission with Passion and Purpose

In my last post, I gave you three different Salon scenarios of people desiring to advance their hair replacement business.  You saw three different salons in three different places in their professional journey, but they all have one goal – they want to help transform the lives of their clients and create a thriving hair replacement business. You also got to hear Chris and Devin’s story last week. Today I would like to introduce you to Roszetta. Roszetta is an incredible person who comes to us from North Carolina who has a heart for others. Watch the video below to hear more of her amazing story…

I know you have to blessed by Roszetta and her desire to help others as I have been. You not only heard her passion, but you also heard about the challenges she is facing. Having just completed our 3-day Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar in November at my Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio and the Wigs for Kids Affiliate Certification, Roszetta is on her way to greater success!

As we continue to roll out the behind-the-scenes footage and information over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to see the different things we are doing to help Roszetta fulfill her desire to help those who need it and build her business as well.

As I’ve said before, it is my hope that you will continue to join us on this journey from the very beginning and see how you, too, can go from the very beginning stages (including all of the “what if” and “what now” questions) to a thriving Hair Replacement business.

Remember… Beauty & Change begin within,
~ Jeffrey Paul

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One thought on “[Salon Makeover Series] Meet Roszetta

  1. Jeffrey I watched my video and could not help but think,”WOW!”. Why? Since this interview the Jeffrey Paul Academy has helped tremendously with solutions regarding the challenges I mentioned.
    The Boot Camp Training was awesome! Your team is incredible. Thanks to you, my consultation steps have changed tremendously,etc. My team now have a clearer vision of a hair replacement culture and how we will provide care for women and children who experience hair thinning and total hair loss. Can’t wait until the next interview!
    Thank you for all that you do for those of us who are trying….. JP you are truly a blessing.