Doing Your “Best” Isn’t Always Enough

Preparation & Perseverance = Keys to Success

Today I want to discuss drive and ambition  when we give it our all, and then the need to give just a little more. I came across an amazing article recently that truly encapsulates the idea of success. John DiJulius, International Customer Experience Consultant and best-selling author, captured what it takes to really do your best. Once you read this article, you’ll understand why saying, “I gave it my best” is sometimes just not enough.


As you read the article, which you should read it a few times (don’t worry, it’s short!), think about what it says. While it sounds odd to hear someone say, “Your best is not good enough,” if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense. When you are facing a rock wall, don’t just say you did what you could but simply fell short. Instead, find a solution and bust that wall down, climb over it, go around it, or do whatever you need to do to find that solution. Yes, it will take preparation, hard work, and possibly even sacrifice. But it will be worth it when you find success! You have what it takes…now go do it!

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Remember…  Beauty & Change begin within,
~Jeffrey Paul

Your Best is Unacceptable

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In this week’s training, we used the following resource:

Blog Post: Your Best is Unacceptable


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