Coming Soon: FREE Webinar by Jeffrey Paul

See How You Can Be a Part of It

As our Salon Makeover Series starts to unfold, you are invited to watch a FREE webinar, where we will start Chris and Devin’s training sessions. In this webinar, I will discuss how to build a Successful Women’s Hair Replacement Business.

FREE Webinar Coming Soon!

In this free event, I want you to join in and hear the statistics of women’s hair thinning and hair loss. I also want you to hear the message of hope that these women who are suffering need to hear from us. And, ultimately, I want you to personally witness how YOU can help transform their lives!

No matter where you are on your professional journey – either first starting out or a seasoned hair replacement specialist – I have so much information to share with you. In my 30+ years in this field, I have had the honor of training hundreds of Salon and Hair Replacement professionals to build their practices and helping thousands of clients feel more beautiful and gain their confidence back. You can do this, too, and I’m here to support you!

Next week, we will be replaying my interview with Chris and Devin, as we put the final touches on the Webinar. We will send out more information soon on how you can sign up to secure your chance at viewing the free webinar. You don’t want to miss it!

Remember… Beauty & Change begin within,

~ Jeffrey Paul

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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon: FREE Webinar by Jeffrey Paul

  1. I was so inspired by Chris and Devins story. I can’t wait to learn more on how to start my own hair replacement salon!!

  2. Hi, Im Vanessa Spencer in Baton Rouge, La. been in the industry for over 35 yrs. doing some hair loss have clients weekly asking. I’ve been like some of the others going to classes not fully understanding or for whatever reason not getting my hair replacement business going. I was watching the information on the salon make over while listening to you and I started crying I NEED YOU and YOUR HELP.. Please let me know if I’m not to late to start and if I have a chance. Thanks and I’m anxiously waiting to hear from you.

    • Hi Vanessa! What an incredible comment! I am so glad you wrote, and I am beyond happy that you have found us. You have reached out at the perfect time. Be sure to check your emails for a message from me, and check back here for our weekly updates that will share how you can become a part of the exciting things we have in store for our audience!