Not Your Typical Makeover

A Salon Transformation

When we think of makeovers, we think of pampering someone with facials, manicures, a new hair style, or maybe even a nice, relaxing massage… The type of makeover I want to talk to you about today, though, is a little different, but even more exciting!

Out of all the comments on my blog for professionals, there is one that stood out to my team and me. This comment came from a couple in Washington D.C., who have seen the need and desperately want to succeed in the Hair Thinning and Hair Loss Business.  But, as many who consider this field ask, “Where do you even start?!”

Well, forget the manicures and facials, we’re doing an entire SALON MAKEOVER, and we’re going to be there to guide this couple every step of the way. Watch the video below for more details…

As you watched the video above, I am confident that as you get to know Chris and Devin’s story – their goals and their struggles – you will be inspired and you will root for them to find fulfillment and true success.

It is my hope that you will join in on this journey from the very beginning and see how you, too, can go from the very beginning stages (including all of the “what if” and “what now” questions) to a thriving Hair Replacement business.

Stay tuned! Next week, we will be sending out more details about the Salon Makeover Series and you’ll get to meet Chris and Devin!

Remember… Beauty & Change begin within,

~ Jeffrey Paul

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2 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Makeover

    • Hi Roszetta! Next week, we are going to give you all the details on how you can be a part of this free event! Plus, you’ll get to see Chris and Devin’s interview. It’s going to be great, so be sure to check back in a few days!