Multi-Therapeutic Treatment and Extensions

Vicki's Solutions to Early Stage Hair Loss

In this week’s Technical segment, we are going to share a special lady’s story with you. Vicki tried to find solutions to her hair thinning and loss – including wigs – but nothing gave her the natural look and feel she desired. So, she made a choice. And that choice led her to a multi-tiered solution that would soon increase her self-esteem and confidence!

When Vicki decided to get a professional assessment of her hair thinning and loss, she opened up doors for herself that she didn’t even know existed! It’s important to remember that sometimes there isn’t just one answer to help our clients. They may need multiple tiers to best suit their individual needs.

With Vicki, for example, we found that a Hair-by-Hair Addition was best for her. However, our treatment didn’t stop there. See below for other strategies we found to be most beneficial to Vicki:

  • Laser Light Therapyto stimulate the blood flow and strengthen her hair follicles
  • Topical Treatment & Nutrition Tipsto strengthen and nourish hair
  • Colored Creamsto conceal exposed area
  • Styling & Framing TechniquesHair color, texture and pattern that works best with face shape

By teaching Vicki how to take care of everything herself at home, she was able to continue feeling beautiful on the inside and out even outside of our salon walls. Finding the right combination of solutions is key, but then we must also educate our clients as well. That will lead to true, lasting success!


In this week’s training, we used the following resources:

Video Notes: Mulit-Therapeutical and Extensions

Book: Solutions to Women’s Hair Thinning & Loss by Jeffrey Paul (Chapter 5)


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  1. Roszetta, in our Product Review segments starting next month we will be doing a full explanation of the procedures and technology of these methods and the vendors that can provide you with them. So, keep watching!