Determining the Correct Path

Judy's Makeover Experience that Restored Her Self-Esteem

In this segment, we want to show you the amazing transformation of Judy. The Consultant in this video is one of Jeffrey Paul Academy’s valued students. She is the perfect example that when a Consultation is performed properly, you will have great success stories! To our clients, it can feel like a long and lonely path to walk when dealing with hair loss, with much uncertainty about what lies ahead. It is our job to comfort them, educate them, and guide them in making the decisions that will benefit them the most. As we’ve discussed before on this blog, Consultations are essential when determining your plans for restoring your clients’ hair…not to mention restoring their confidence and self-image.

Judy’s Solution to Women’s Hair Loss

WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEO (Click on the Play Button):

In this episode, you’ll discover the following:

  • Why Judy lost her hair…twice
  • What a Consultation consists of
  • The importance of creating a perfect mold
  • How Judy’s confidence was completely restored once again!


In this week’s training, we used the following resources:

Video Notes: Consultation – Judy’s Makeover Story

Book: Solutions to Women’s Hair Thinning & Loss by Jeffrey Paul, Chapter 3 (The Consultation – The Personal Profile and Evaluation)


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One thought on “Determining the Correct Path

  1. I enjoyed this video. I’d like to use the mold technique used in this video . How?

    The hair system mold is awesome. I’ve seen in your class and in videos that you use this particular top piece model is used alot. Do you share the design?