A Growing Demand for Women’s Hair Replacement

Transforming the Lives of Women

With the rise of women suffering from hair loss, it is more important now than ever before to reach out to this population and adapt our businesses to meet their growing needs. About 50% of Hair Replacement Salon owners predict that women will be the key area bringing the most growth opportunities for their businesses. This is a statistic we can’t ignore!

As business owners, we have to market to this audience, and if we do, we will not only help them find their self-confidence and beauty again, but we also find ourselves with a thriving business.

The professional Hair Loss expert has the ability to transform the lives of women.  We must actively pursue this opportunity, because as you will see in the charts below, the numbers are staggering. When marketing to the women’s market, we must be knowledgeable about and able to explain the options available to them. And one other critical element?  We have to speak to them in our marketing – relay the message directly to them that we are have the solutions they need and they no longer have to suffer!

Below, please enjoy this video of one of my clients from a Makeover Contest my Salon hosted. Listen to how Allison was living her life before being introduced to my team. She was afraid to leave her home, not wanting to be seen in public. Allison is not alone in her insecurities, and it’s time for us as Hair Replacement experts to get them the help they desperately need.

Allison Found “A New You”

WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEO (Click on the Play Button):

In this video, you’ll discover the following:

  • How Allison felt before seeking out help for her hair loss
  • The transformation she has undergone after seeking help
  • How her self-confidence has returned!
  • Statistics of women’s hair loss




In this week’s training, we used and referenced the following resources:

Book: Solutions to Women’s Hair Thinning & Loss by Jeffrey Paul


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