Cutting & Styling Tips

Working with an Integrated Hair System

In this week’s Technical segment, we are going to demonstrate some cutting and styling tips when working with an Integrated, Extended Wear hair system. In this tutorial, you will see the items needed, cutting and styling tips, as well as one critical step you need to perform before your client leaves your chair.


If a client’s natural growing hair has grown longer than the desired length of the hair system, then it’s time to get a cut. This video will give you some tips for a successful cut and style, leaving your client refreshed and ready to go!

Cutting & Styling
Working with an Integrated Hair System

WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEO (Click on the Play Button):

In this episode, you’ll discover the following:

  • The items needed to successfully cut and style an Integrated, Extended Wear hair system
  • How to cut the outer perimeter and interior layers
  • How to frame the client’s face and trim the bangs
  • One last step needed before your client leaves your chair


In this week’s training, we used the following resources:

Video Notes: Cutting & Styling – Integrated Hair System


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