Types of Tape

Not All Adhesives are Created Equal

We know what types of tape not to use on our clients, but choosing the right type of tape to use in different situations can be a little overwhelming, as there are many kinds out there.  What is good for one situation may not be the best for another.


Today I am going to discuss different types of adhesives and give you some pointers on how to choose the correct type of tape when attaching hair systems to your client’s head for a safe and secure attachment.  I will also go over the best products to release the tape when you are ready to do so.

Types of Tape

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In this episode, you’ll discover the following:

  • What types of adhesives not to use on skin
  • What types of tapes are better for certain situations and conditions
  • How to release the adhesive when ready


In this week’s training, we used the following resources:

Video Notes: Types of Tape


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