[Salon Makeover Series] Driven to Serve and Succeed

Meet Kelli

Get ready to be blessed! I would like to introduce you to Kelli, who comes to us from the beautiful state of Florida. This young lady is dedicated to helping others with a passion that is second to none. While searching for a mentor and guide to help her navigate the world of Hair Thinning and Hair Loss, our paths crossed while I was speaking at the Hair+ Conference. I can’t wait for you to hear Kelli talk about where she currently is and where she wants to go in her mission to help others and Build a Successful Hair Replacement Business. Listen to the audio below to hear more of her amazing story…


LISTEN TO THE AUDIO (Click on the Play Button): 

From her desire to help others who are experiencing hair loss to building a successful Hair Replacement business in the salon she works at, she has the drive to succeed! Having just completed our 3-day Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar in November at my Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and the Wigs for Kids Affiliate Certification, Kelli is on her way to greater success!

Coming Soon: Kelli’s Drive to Help Others and Succeed in a Booming Business

Coming soon, I have yet another amazing individual to introduce you to. Kelli comes to us all the way from Florida with a heart for helping others. She is a successful stylist working in a salon, yet she wants to find more ways to help transform other people’s lives.


Soon you will hear Kelli’s story and how the Jeffrey Paul Academy for Hair Thinning & Hair Loss plans to help her. She has a strong desire to help those suffering from hair thinning and hair loss, and she also wants to build a successful business within the salon she is currently working in. However, she has struggled in finding the right education and coach to help her advance her career. It is my desire and goal to help Kelli succeed! She needs a mentor to coach an guide her along the way, and I plan to do just that.

I hope you tune in for our next post where you can listen to Kelli discuss where she is at and where she wants to go. I know you will be encouraged and blessed by her words, work ethic, and compassion!

[Salon Makeover Series] Meet Roszetta

On a Mission with Passion and Purpose

In my last post, I gave you three different Salon scenarios of people desiring to advance their hair replacement business.  You saw three different salons in three different places in their professional journey, but they all have one goal – they want to help transform the lives of their clients and create a thriving hair replacement business. You also got to hear Chris and Devin’s story last week. Today I would like to introduce you to Roszetta. Roszetta is an incredible person who comes to us from North Carolina who has a heart for others. Watch the video below to hear more of her amazing story…

I know you have to blessed by Roszetta and her desire to help others as I have been. You not only heard her passion, but you also heard about the challenges she is facing. Having just completed our 3-day Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar in November at my Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio and the Wigs for Kids Affiliate Certification, Roszetta is on her way to greater success!

[Salon Makeover Series] Can You Relate to These Stories?

As we get ready to show you some behind-the-scenes work we do with our Salon Makeover participants, I want to issue a challenge to you. As you watch the upcoming videos and read my posts, see if you can find your own story in the midst of the three story lines that unfold. Are you facing any of the same struggles? Do these individuals remind you of yourself? Sometimes it just takes the reassurance that you’re not the only one out there working toward your goal. And sometimes when you see someone else celebrate victories, it can ignite a spark in you, giving you just the motivation you need to create your own success stories.


I have had the opportunity to work with four different individuals in their journey to advance their Hair Thinning and Hair Loss skills, knowledge, and clientele. See if you can relate to any of these…

Behind the Scenes: Salon Makeover Segments Coming Soon!

As professionals (and just human beings in general), we can learn a lot from hearing real stories of real people and their struggles and celebrations when building a business. We learn that not only do other people face challenges, possibly similar to our own, but we can also gain motivation and hope that we, too, can overcome any obstacle and find true success.  With that being said, I would like to announce that our Salon Makeover Series is underway, and we want to share some amazing people and their stories with you!

The three story lines that will unfold throughout this process will inspire and motivate you, and after you get to know the wonderful people involved, you’ll be rooting for their success! You’ll also find that you may have some very similar goals as they do, and those goals can be reached. I just had the opportunity to spend three days with these individuals in an intense hands-on Boot Camp Seminar at my Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio, and their passion and stories will touch your hearts.

We will be pulling the curtain back for you to see different segments of their transformations and how we will be helping them in this quest for Building a successful Hair Replacement Business. As I mentioned in my video, we are so excited to announce that we have joined with different professionals across the globe in order to help give them access to the best materials, techniques, and products to ensure high-quality results.

Stay tuned to our future blog posts where you will get to see more of my Blueprint for Success!

Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,
Jeffrey Paul

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Replay: Meet Chris & Devin

Salon Makeover Series Participants

In case you missed it, I wanted to give you another opportunity to meet Chris and Devin. I know you all will agree that this is a couple who has a desire to succeed! I am blessed to be on this journey with them, and I can’t wait to help them along the way. As I’ve mentioned previously, Chris and Devin reside in Washington, D.C., and they have seen the desperate need for more Hair Thinning and Hair Loss experts.

Their desire to take Hair Replacement and Management to the next level in their Salon is what led them to me. And I am more than ecstatic to help them share their story, and I am ready to help them transform their business! Listen to what they have to say below…

Coming Soon: FREE Webinar by Jeffrey Paul

See How You Can Be a Part of It

As our Salon Makeover Series starts to unfold, you are invited to watch a FREE webinar, where we will start Chris and Devin’s training sessions. In this webinar, I will discuss how to build a Successful Women’s Hair Replacement Business.

FREE Webinar Coming Soon!

In this free event, I want you to join in and hear the statistics of women’s hair thinning and hair loss. I also want you to hear the message of hope that these women who are suffering need to hear from us. And, ultimately, I want you to personally witness how YOU can help transform their lives!

Meet Chris & Devin!

Big Changes in Store

I can’t tell you how excited I am to introduce you to this couple! As I’ve mentioned previously, Chris and Devin reside in Washington, D.C., and they have seen the desperate need for more Hair Thinning and Hair Loss experts.

Their desire to take Hair Replacement and Management to the next level in their Salon is what led them to me. And I am more than ecstatic to help them share their story, and I am ready to help them transform their business! Watch below, and you will be blessed by Chris and Devin’s passion for their clients and their family…

Help is on the Way!

Free Webinar & Interview Coming Soon

Do you need help? Maybe you are just starting out in the Hair Replacement business, and you are overwhelmed with questions – everything from the Technical side of taking care of clients to Marketing to Business Operations…  Or, maybe you already have a functioning Hair Replacement business, but you need some pointers on how to take it to the next level. Well, Friends, it is my mission and goal to help – no matter where you fall on that spectrum. I am here to help you!

Help is on the way

As we mentioned last week, we have some exciting things coming up, including our Salon Makeover Series with Chris and Devin. Next week, we will introduce you to them and let you hear their story firsthand. chris_and_devinYou will get to watch as we coach them in building a successful Women’s Hair Thinning and Loss department in their salon. By watching you will be inspired and blessed by them, I have no doubt! Many of you will also understand exactly where they are coming from…as you are on this journey yourself or you have been in the past. It’s a journey that can seem long at times, but I am here to help you in all stages of your career.

Which leads me to my next point… We are putting the final touches on a FREE Webinar to help you in your Hair Replacement journey! We will send out details next week, including topics and how to sign up, so you can be a part of this event!

Be sure and check back for full details and to watch as we get started changing Chris & Devin’s professional lives forever!

Remember… Beauty & Change begin within,

~ Jeffrey Paul

Not Your Typical Makeover

A Salon Transformation

When we think of makeovers, we think of pampering someone with facials, manicures, a new hair style, or maybe even a nice, relaxing massage… The type of makeover I want to talk to you about today, though, is a little different, but even more exciting!

Out of all the comments on my blog for professionals, there is one that stood out to my team and me. This comment came from a couple in Washington D.C., who have seen the need and desperately want to succeed in the Hair Thinning and Hair Loss Business.  But, as many who consider this field ask, “Where do you even start?!”

Well, forget the manicures and facials, we’re doing an entire SALON MAKEOVER, and we’re going to be there to guide this couple every step of the way. Watch the video below for more details…