“Help! My hair is thinning!”

What do you say as a trusted Salon Professional to your client who is experiencing the anxiety of hair loss?

One of the most important elements when caring for our clients is a properly run Consultation.  This is a critical component of caring for our clients to determine your plan of action.  Noting the Pattern and Diffusion is one of the first areas you should address. If you want to learn more about how to assess the Pattern and Diffusion, join me at my 3-day Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar where I will walk you through an effective Consultation from the beginning to the end. This will set you up for a successful working relationship between you and your clients, as you will build trust, confidence, referrals, and profitability.

By learning how to properly assess the situation, you can better figure our your client’s goal, make the necessary plan, and achieve success, enriching your client’s experience and life! 

Our space is limited and filling up quickly, so register today to become an expert in Hair Replacement. I will coach you to success in one of the most rewarding fields you’ll ever be a part of!  Read more about what we’re offering below…

“I am losing my hair! What can I do about it?”

Do you realize that you will lose 1 out of 4 clients if you are unable to answer the question?

If you can’t give your clients solutions, you will lose them. And, as I’ve said before, 1 out of 4 of your clients will experience hair thinning or loss. Are you prepared to give them the solutions they need? If you are ready to keep those clients and learn how to help them, join me at our Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar on April 9-11, 2017. The video above is one sample of hundreds of videos that we provide to our Boot Camp alumni as a special Bonus for attending our 3-day Seminar. After an intense three days of learning, I want to ensure that you succeed back at your Salon, so our online video library is at your disposal.

If you are interested in learning more, click on this link to sign up before the seats fill up.  I want to help coach you to even greater success, to learn from someone who has been in this field for over 35 years now! Your clientele and profits will soar, as will the confidence of your clients who need you the most! If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.

Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,
Jeffrey Paul

Hair Loss Training for Salon Professionals

Are you looking for training to become a Hair Loss Expert?

Take a look at this brief clip of our last Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar where we teach Salon Professionals how to Build a Successful Hair Replacement Business in their salon.  Here we are in the middle of a hands-on session with live demonstrations, live models, and actual hands-on practice applying the skills and techniques learned.

If you like what you see or if you are searching for a way to help your clients who are experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, register today for our next Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar on April 9-11, 2017, at my Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  Click on this link to go ahead and reserve your spot, before space runs out!

In my Hands-On Training, we cover the 4 Pillars you need to know in order to be successful:

  • TECHNICAL TRAINING: Pre-Service Consultation – Quality Control – Preparation – Delivery –Attachment – Cut-In – Educational Maintenance
  • CONSULTATION: Evaluations – Assessment – Pricing for Profit – Problem Solving – Educating the Consumer – Design & Order Processing
  • MARKETING: Prospecting – Public Relations – Social Media – Informational Seminars – Building a Referral Strategic Partnering
  • BUSINESS OPERATIONS: Goals – Efficiency – Cost Control – Reporting – Tracking Systems – Service Programs – Pay Compensation – Vendor Selection

Plus, we have a host of Bonuses we are throwing in to help you even further educate, excite, and prepare you for the greatest business endeavor you could ever imagine!  Go ahead and click here to get started.

Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,
Jeffrey Paul

Hair loss? As a Salon Professional, what do you know about this issue that will affect 1 out of 4 of your clients?

Check out this Special Opportunity for YOU!

I have an Opportunity I want to share with you for Free to learn about the best Hair Loss Certified Training Program in the country. Come behind the scenes with me into my training Academy to experience what hundreds of my Alumni are receiving as a part of the Jeffrey Paul Academy for Hair Thinning & Loss Certification Training Program, to evaluate if this is a career advancement you want to pursue that gives you the ability to transform the lives of men, women and children experiencing hair loss and profit beyond any other specialty of beauty skills you can provide.

My FREE Gift to you is for the next 21 days I will send you a videos series of all the resources my Academy provides from Hands On Training to the in-depth resources online and in my personal Coaching Programs along with the Monday Morning Updates with powerful Tutorials, Interviews and Inspirations.

In addition, I will introduce you to women and children and let them tell you their story of their makeover experience from hair loss to the restoration of their beauty restored inside and out by professionals just like you, who were trained in our Academy.

If you want to take a look behind the scenes for FREE and experience what it is like to become a Hair Thinning & Loss Expert and to evaluate if this is for you, check back each day for your Online Pass to enter the world of transforming lives as a Hair Thinning & Loss Expert. 

And if it find it is for You, I will look forward to having you in my next Hands-On Boot Camp Training Program on April 9-11, 2017, at my Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  Just click on this link to enter your name, email, and other information to get registered before seats full up!

Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,
Jeffrey Paul

What Can You Do for Your Clients Who are Losing their Hair?

Join Us at Our Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar with Jeffrey Paul ~ April 9-11 to Learn More

You don’t want to miss out on our April 2017 Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar! It will be the best one yet! From skilled trainers to special guest presentations to hands-on training, you will leave this Seminar ready to tackle the world of Hair Replacement with a renewed energy and drive. Watch the short video below for a sneak peek into one of our training sessions from our last Boot Camp Seminar...

If you are ready to be involved in this World Class training, go ahead and continue reading below to see what all you get PLUS all the Bonuses being offered to the attendees of this session!

Have You Ever Asked How You Can Get into the Hair Loss Business in Your Salon?

[FREE WEBINAR] The Road Map to Transforming Women & Children's Lives Who are Experiencing Hair Thinning & Loss

I have a powerful gift for you – a Free Webinar to give you the Road Map to the Blueprint of how to build your talents and business to transform women and children who are experiencing hair thinning and loss.

Welcome to the Jeffrey Paul Academy’s FREE Webinar on “Building a Successful Women’s Hair Thinning & Loss Business.”  Have your pen and paper ready, click on the “Play” button, and let’s get started changing your business and the lives of your clients!

I hope you enjoyed this FREE Webinar. With one out of every 4 women experiencing hair thinning or hair loss (or will in the future), the demand for Hair Replacement is at an all-time high. Whether you are new to the world of Hair Replacement, considering adding it to your current salon, or if you already have experience in this field, there is no greater time than now to get started or amp up your current business.

I am here to help guide and mentor you. If you have a desire to transform lives of women and children experiencing hair loss, join me at my 3-Day Hands-On Boot Camp Training Program on April 9-11.

To learn more about how to get started in the Hair Loss business, click here.

Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,
Jeffrey Paul


  • Click HERE to sign up for the Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar in Cleveland, Ohio (April 9-11, 2017) and Online Academy.

Jeffrey Paul Academy Creating Leaders in Hair Loss Management and Restoration

Watch how we helped one of my Alumni promote hosting her own Hair Thinning & Loss Seminars in an Interview on my Hair Loss Solutions TV™ Program

I want to introduce you to a success story of one of my Academy Alumni, Kristin Webb, who I just interviewed on my Hair Loss Solutions TV™ Program. She is preparing for her Hair Loss Seminar to educate men and women on Solutions she can provide for them in her center, along with the newest technology from Cesare Ragazzi of Italy in Trichology for hair and scalp management, as well as 3D Printing for hair replacement to give back the hair someone has lost with no compromise.

Watch her interview above and picture yourself in her position as a leading Hair Loss Expert in your area.

My Team and I have been able to train her not only in technical methods of the “how to’s” of serving hair loss clients, but also with my Coaching Program. With his combination, I was able to help build her brand and identity herself as a Hair Loss Expert in her community and draw the attention of a large group of women who are seeking solutions for the hair thinning and loss to a Women’s Seminar on Hair thinning & Loss Solutions.

Kristin went through our 3 Day Comprehensive Boot Camp where she learned the hands-on how to of the following:  Consultations, Design, Pricing and Delivery of the multitude of hair loss solutions available today, and so much more! But her biggest obstacle was to go back and start marketing herself to get new customers needing hair loss solutions, not to mention the need to build her brand identity as an expert in providing Hair Thinning and Loss Solutions in her community.

Renowned Extensions Expert to Present at Jeffrey Paul’s Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar

Brent Hardgrave Shares His Knowledge, Expertise & Compassion

We are so excited to announce that nationally renowned Hair Extensionist Brent Hardgrave (also the inventor of The Brent Brush) will be presenting at our Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar on April 9-11 at my Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio! As a special Bonus to those joining us for our Hands-On Boot Camp, Brent will be demonstrating his expertise in extensions in an evening session during our three day event. His work has been seen in music videos, movies, magazines, as well as on television and fashion runways, and he brings a wealth of knowledge in the world of hair care and replacement.


Brent Hardgrave’s list of accomplishments is incredible. From serving as the Hair Extensionist for the Atlanta Falcon Cheerleaders to writing the Hair Loss Master Plan, Brent has a passion for helping others. One of his most dear accomplishments, though, is the creation of The Brent Brush. Seeing a need to minimize pain from sensitive scalps and a desire to extend the life of hair replacement, or to prevent further hair thinning, Brent created a one-of-a-kind product to change the way we brush. While protecting your hair piece, prolonging its life and your investment, The Brent Brush is also commonly used for children and adults with sensory issues. I had the privilege of doing this interview with Brent, who has a heart for helping others.

Brent will be joining us at my Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar on April 9-11, 2017 at my Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Watch the video below to hear Brent’s story and continue reading below to see how you can register to attend the Boot Camp and learn from one of the best in hair extensions in person.

Interview – Brent Hardgrave
The Brent Brush

WATCH THE VIDEO (Click on the Play Button):


Brent Hardgrave

If you want to read more about Brent and his story, click on the website information below under “Resources.”  We still have a few available seats at our Hand-On Boot Camp Seminar, so if you would like to meet Brent in person and join us for an intense three days of hands on learning, go ahead and read below to see what we are offering.

Our April Boot Camp is full of special Bonuses for our attendees. From special Guest Presentations to new Marketing and Coaching Programs to help boost your clientele and profits, I am confident you will be amazed at what you will walk away with when undergoing training with me – practical steps to get your Hair Replacement business underway or to advance your current status and the items you can use to get started immediately.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, continue reading below to learn how you can register for our Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar…

Learning How to Assess Your Clients’ Hair Loss

Join Us at our Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar - April 9-11

In today’s segment, I would like to talk about one of the 4 Pillars that I teach in my Jeffrey Paul Academy for Hair Thinning & Loss Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar. This pillar is extremely important, as it is the foundation of your success with your client. In order to have a successful, effective Consultation, you need to know the right things to look for, to observe, to test… Some topics included in the Consultation Pillar are Evaluations, Assessments, Pricing for Profit, Problem Solving, Educating the Consumer, Design & Order Processing, and so much more!

Watch below to see an example of the type of videos we produce to help train you at my Hands-On Boot Camp Seminar and online Academy. This video tutorial is one very important element of a Consultation.

As you saw, Allison has now regained the confidence that was lost from her thinning hair. What an incredible feeling! This is part of what we will be going over in depth at my hands-on seminar on April 9-11 at my Training Center in Cleveland, Ohio. You too can make this kind of difference in people’s lives.

Throughout my Hands-On Boot Camp, you will be a part of an intense three-day seminar on how to Build a Successful Hair Replacement Business in your Salon. In the three days, plus the bonuses I am going to share with you (see that long list below!) – I cover the ins and outs of an effective Consultation, which is a critical component in building a solid, lasting relationship with your clients, as well as determining the best plan of action. If you build trust with your clients, they will not only be back for more, but they will also help in referring others to you.

Next week, I will share a segment from the next of my 4 Pillars that we use in the Jeffrey Paul Academy for Hair Thinning & Loss, which has the potential to skyrocket your business if done correctly – Marketing.

In case you missed last week’s post, read below about what’s included when you join us at my Hands-On Seminar…

“I’m Losing My Hair! Can You Help Me?”

Are You Prepared to Answer this Question?

Your client says, “I’m losing my hair.  Can you help me?” Do you have a response? Tomorrow I will release the second video in my Jeffrey Paul Academy for Women’s Hair Thinning & Loss series to show you the next pillar in my 4 Pillar approach to Building a Successful Hair Replacement Business in your salon. Tomorrow’s topic is one of the most important and fundamental elements when working in Hair Replacement – the Consultation. Take a peek below to see what is in store…

The demand for experts in Hair Replacement is at an all-time high, and it continues to grow as more and more people desperately need our help. One out of every 4 women will experience hair thinning or hair loss. That’s a staggering number of women who need or will need our help. Will you be able to help them?

Come back tomorrow, and I’ll give you a taste of what we have to offer in terms of our online video tutorials while I discuss one test that helps set the tone for a successful Consultation. This video and SO many more can be found in my online Academy, and it’s a great snippet of what I will go over in person at my Hands On Boot Camp at my Training Center on April 9-11.

If you want to read more about what’s included at this Boot Camp or what all is included in the Hands-On Boot Camp, keep reading below or click here.

See you tomorrow!

Remember… Beauty & Change Begin Within,
Jeffrey Paul

P.S. If you are ready to register today, go ahead on read below to see what’s included and how you can get the ball rolling. If you have any questions, send us an email!