Scalp Care

How to Properly Treat the Scalp

This week we are going to discuss how to properly care for your client’s scalp.  Once you’ve removed the hairpiece and cleansed, clarified, and sterilized the scalp and base, now we need to treat the scalp that has been covered for some time. Watch the video to learn more about how to give the scalp the attention it needs and how to make your clients feel great in the meantime!

Scalp Care

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In this episode, you’ll discover the following:

  • The importance of caring for the scalp
  • The two most important steps when treating the scalp:
    • Assess any problems by asking the client the proper questions on what they are feeling
    • Evaluate what you see on the scalp
  • Different mask options to use in treating the scalp


Types of Tape

Don't get in a sticky situation!

In another Technical segment, we are going to discuss different types of adhesives and give you some pointers on how to choose the correct type of tape when attaching hair systems to your client’s head for a safe and secure attachment.  We will also go over the best products to release the tape when you are ready to do so.

Types of Tape

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In this episode, you’ll discover the following:

  • What types of adhesives not to use on skin
  • What types of tapes are better for certain situations and conditions
  • How to release the adhesive when ready


Types of Shampoos & Cleaning Agents

Is it clean, clarified, and sanitized?

In this Technical segment, we are going back to the basics again! As I’ve said before, whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned hair replacement specialist, reviewing the fundamentals will only help you, your practice, and your clients. Watch the video below as I discuss the importance of thoroughly cleaning the scalp and base for a proper hold, a healthy scalp, and a beautiful head of hair.

Types of Shampoos & Cleaning Agents

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In this episode, you’ll discover the following:

  • The three steps for cleaning the scalp
  • The three steps for cleaning the base
  • The importance of ensuring a deep cleanse


Types of Bonds & Adhesives

Going Back to Basics

In this Technical segment, we are going back to basics! Whether you are first starting out or a seasoned specialist, making yourself a lifelong learner only benefits you, your practice, and ultimately, your clients. Having studied these products extensively, I want to share with you some different levels of attachments…

Types of Bonds & Adhesives

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In this episode, you’ll discover the form, composition, application, curing time, and remover required for the following:

  • Water Base Adhesives
  • Soft Bonds
  • Elastomer Bonds
  • Hard Bonds


The Art and Science of Hair Extensions

In this episode of Hair Loss Solutions TV™…

Richard Millstein, founder of ExtendUSA, platform artist, and educator, visited with Hair Loss Solutions TV® Host, Jeffrey Paul, about the different types and quality of extensions he and his company work with. As they are an excellent solution for thinning hair and can even be safely used on Chemo patients, people all across the nation the world are able to look more like themselves again!

Having served as a hairdresser and educator for over 35 years, Richard Millstein recognized a need for advanced education in the industry. He and his wife founded ExtendUSA where they help educate in hair cutting, styling, and extensions. Using only the finest hair, their passion and mission are to help others feel beautiful again and train those in the hair profession how to do the same.

Watch the video to hear more about what Richard and ExtendUSA are doing to transform the lives of people every day!

Kaylee’s Courageous Fight Against Brain Cancer

Her Experience as a Wigs For Kids Recipient

In this episode of Hair Loss Solutions TV™…

In December 2014, Kaylee was diagnosed with brain cancer. She was immediately rushed into emergency surgery to remove the tumor, then started chemotherapy and radiation treatment at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in January 2015.

For a year and a half, Kaylee was without hair and would go to school wearing a hat to hide the hair loss. Even though she was winning her battle with cancer, it was hard to feel like a normal girl without her hair.

After finding Wigs For Kids and applying for a hairpiece, Kaylee now has a beautiful head of hair that helps her feel confident again. Now a year and half clean from cancer, Kaylee is an inspiration for kids all over the world who have lost their hair to cancer or another illness.

Solutions to Women’s Hair Loss

In this episode of Hair Loss Solutions TV™, you will discover the following:

  • How Maxie, like so many others, began to notice changes in her hair’s texture, color, and weight
  • What Hair & Scalp Specialists can do to help their guests with hair thinning and loss
  • A glimpse of the steps involved in finding the best solution for Maxie’s hair loss
  • How Maxie’s self-esteem has returned and she lives her life feeling beautiful on the inside and out

When you become a mother, many things in your life change. Your protective instincts kick in, you become an expert in time management, your sleep pattern changes, and so much more. It’s inevitable.

What about hair loss? Once you have children, hair just doesn’t grow back the same. Maxie experienced this first-hand after giving birth to her three children. Prior to having kids, she never imagined that hair loss would be a problem for her, and you will likely have Guests with similar issues.

As stated in the video above, Maxie began to notice the changes in her hair’s texture, color and weight. She would find clumps of hair after taking a shower. These changes weren’t caused from age but as a result of having children. Like others, and possibly Guests you already work with, she initially attributed this hair loss to aging and shrugged it off as one of life’s natural occurrences.

HAIR+ Summit – Hair Restoration & Hair Loss Education Coming to Atlanta

Where Will You Grow Next?

In this episode of Hair Loss Solutions TV™, you will discover the following:

  • The outreach of Modern Salon Magazine in the professional beauty industry
  • The passion of hair stylists and their desire to help their clients with hair loss
  • What the HAIR+ Summit is and how you can be a part of it

In the video above, the publisher of Modern Salon Magazine, Steve Reiss, discusses the hair industry and hair loss. Whatever your level of involvement in hair loss, the HAIR+ Summit will move you to the next level by connecting you with the best information and a community of the most focused and engaged salon professionals to add to your network!

hair +_m-hps-newtagline-logo-blk-withms-1-1

I am looking forward to joining Reiss and speaking at the HAIR+ Summit next month, alongside a host of other hair loss experts, where we will be speaking about hair loss management.

Research proves clients need salon help with thinning hair, and they want it before, during and after they start to experience hair loss. This is all really good news for stylists and salon owners looking for new ways to help clients experiencing hair loss and drive business!


Spotted Baldness that Affects Healthy Heads of Hair

In this episode of Hair Loss Solutions TV™…

Imagine stepping into the shower to wash your hair and noticing patches of your healthy hair falling down your shoulders onto the ground around you, leaving spots of baldness on your head. For Claudia, a woman who was used to having a full head of healthy hair all her life, this nightmare became her reality.

It’s called Alopecia, or “spotted baldness” – a condition where your immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles, leading to patches of hair loss. There’s currently no cure for the condition, but there are treatments that can help.

In this episode of Hair Loss Solutions TV, you’ll hear about Claudia’s story of living with Alopecia and learn more about the condition and treatments available.

Courage Critters Offer Hope

How these furry friends help children cope with fears

In this episode of Hair Loss Solutions TV™, you will discover the following:

  • What Courage Critters are
  • The creator behind these animals of hope
  • How you can order a Courage Critter today!

For those suffering from common fears, Courage Critters is a plush animal and online toolkit created to help children use their imagination to empower, support, and protect them in any situation that causes them fear.

In an earlier episode with Dr. Renae Reinardy, “Taking Back Control over Trichotillomania,” she discussed Trichotillomania and how it is a common, yet often not discussed, issue in our world today. Working with so many individuals trying to overcome common childhood fears and unwanted behaviors, she created a friend for them. Covered in fur, the Courage Critters help provide sensory tools to those suffering from these unwanted behaviors. With those dealing with Trichotillomania, known as the “Hair Pulling Disorder,” the Courage Critter gives them an outlet.

In the video above, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Renae Reinardy discusses the Courage Critters program and how it can help both children and adults alike.